Our Mission


Empower Businesses, Employees and Consumers to Make Smart Decisions.


Through the provision of tools that provide the capability to take pre-emptive action, to prevent the development of Obesity and Type II Diabetes.

“A Catastrophe Happening in Slow Motion!”

Larry Cheskin

MD, Associate Director of Global Obesity Prevention (GOPC) at John Hobkins University

Key features

Be Healthier, Be Wealthier, Use Thier.


The leveraging of data, for the development of predictive algorithms.


The creation of health algorithms from public and private data sets.

Health Programmes

The digitisation of health programmes to deliver 24/7 health advice.

Therapeutic Interventions

Combining traditional and cutting-edge personalised interventions.

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation

Embedding the latest thinking on motivation & habit formation into the services delivered to employees and consumers.

City Models

Uncover behaviours of consumers through signals from city models.

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